I usually try to control my feelings but I am truly upset today.  So upset that I decided to sit down and write to you, my billions of readers, about what has got me so riled up.

Recently, Klein attorneys (AKA John Morgan) (who we don't like) filed a sworn pleading in a Jefferson County court claiming that I am Thomas Retzlaff and that I have been operating as SAM THE EAGLE for three years.  Those allegations by Klein and Klein attorneys are completely untrue.  I want to set the record straight.  I have not been making fun of Philip R. Klein, editor, for three years.  I have been making fun of Philip R. Klein, editor, for ELEVEN years.  I can think of NO ONE living or dead who needs to be made fun of more that Philip R. Klein, editor.  Second, I am not Thomas Retzlaff (never met the man); Jeff Dorrell (met him, really like him); Brent Coon (met him); Shon Hodgston (him too); Neil Harrison (was a good friend until I confessed that I was the one that use to prank call radio station when he was a DJ) Mitch Toups (yup); Beverly Parker (yup); Patrick McDermott (Really?  He's dead.  Luv his ex though.  Sweet girl and cute too---HI BE); Allen Lee (yup--major asshole--dead too); Falcon Heene (OK who is he and no fair using WIKIPEDIA?).

Keep swinging punk boy, I do so enjoy watching you chase your tail.

But alas I digress...

What truly has me upset is that I just discovered today that MARS has discontinued coconut M&Ms.  This is truly a travesty and I call upon all my readers to take a moment and email MARS candies to complain about this.

Sam T. Eagle, editor


Sometimes here at the Review we have to laugh.  Our friends over at BVFILES (who we like) are reporting that Philip Klein (who we don't like) and Klein attorneys (who we don't like either) are not only under investigation by multiple law enforcement agencies but are also getting PUMMELED in courts across the nation.  Check them out

Lets recap:

1)  Philip Klein is being sued in San Antonio for 8 MILLION DOLLARS for telling lies about people on the internet.

2)  Klein attorney owes A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS because he listened to Philip Klein.

3)  Klein attorney owes attorneys fees and sanctions in Fort Worth because he listened to Philip Klein.

4)  Klein attorney owes attorneys fees in Jefferson County Court #1 because he listened to Philip Klein

OUR TAKE?  OW!  Simply OW!  Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person and when you hang around bad people and listen to their stupid, idiotic advice it costs you alot of money and makes you look really stupid.


We say it around here at the Review all the time, bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.  Not only is Philip R. Klein, editor, facing millions of dollars in potential damages from a civil case and the loss of his licenses, now a national website has exposed him and his attorney as the low life scum that they really are.

Our take?  WOW! Simply WOW!  We've been saying it for years now.......

....................................................Philip lies

We're Back With Some Important News!!!!!!

Hi boys and girls, just thought we here at the Review would take a break from our break to give you some EXCITING NEWS!



Yup, The Prince of lies has done it again only this time he screwed up big time.  The suit, filed in Bexar County, claims that Klein bungled and lied about his famous child finding exploits and that this resulted in some serious damages to some very innocent folks.  Sources close to the suit tell the Review that Klein will get hit and hit hard on this one.  "He's probably looking at ANOTHER bankruptcy" said an anonymous caller who did not call the Review.  Sources also confirm that complaints have been filed with the Department of Public Safety and that Klein's licenses will "almost definitely" be revoked.

Our take?  WOW!  Simply WOW!  Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.


Happy New Year to all our readers.  We here at the Review want to thank everyone for another record setting year.  With over 42 billion page views, 757 trillion indirect and direct page views, and 354 quadrillion obese page views, you have made us the number one political blog, in Iceland, Norway, Tuvalu and Kansas City.  We are proud and humbled to be so popular and look forward to making fun of Philip Klein for years to come. 

For fourteen years now, our mission here at the Review has been to make fun of Philip R. Klein, editor.  Philip is without a doubt one of the stupidest people to ever sit down at a keyboard and despite two lawsuits, a reward, and countless threats, Philip still has yet to discover the identities of either myself or my dear friend Gus Pillsbury.  So if you need a really good, private investigator, hire someone else. 

Unfortunately, our time here at the Review may be coming to a close soon.  As we reported to you some six months ago, Philip R. Klein, editor, and his attorney John Morgan have been under investigation for numerous felonies.  Sources close to the investigation have told the Review that a special Grand Jury has been convened and that indictments are imminent.  Furthermore, an investigation by the Texas Department of Pubic Safety is reportedly near conclusion and will act within the next thirty days to suspend Philip's license.

Our take?

WOW, simply WOW.  2014 is going to be a very bad year for Philip R. Klein, editor.

A Special Message From The Editor

   We here at the Review have a long standing respect for law enforcement and we want to see justice served against Philip R. Klein.  To that extent, we would like to assist in the investigation of the perjury and witness tampering allegations against Philip R. Klein, editor.  We would invite Judge Walker or Special Prosecutor Shane Phelps to contact us here at the Review so that we can provide to them a copy of the perjured affidavit Philip R. Klein filed in our case In Re John Does 1 and 2 to assist in the investigation of the case.  We can provide it in admissible form so that the Grand Jury that will indict Philip R. Klein can see it as well.  Simply contact us here at the Review by clicking on the picture of our attorney, Jay Noble Daggett (the little bald guy) on the right of the web page. 

Sam T. Eagle, editor