An Update from our Editor, Sam T. Eagle, Editor.

It's been a while since we here at the Review have posted here at the Review so I thought I'd take Philip's latest rant about Gus and I to update our loyal readers on some of the most recent happenings.

1)  Here is the current link to BV FILES which will give you all the updates on John Morgan's disbarment trial.  No, we here at the Review are not associated with the site and don't know who is running it, but we like them.

2)  The stories about Philip's domestic problems are in fact true and we understanding that he is in counseling.  There has been talk about rehab.  I think he should go to that place where Captain Elliot from Deadliest Catch went.  The food looked really good and we all know how much Philip likes food.  In our humble opinion, no amount of counseling or rehab will solve Philip's problem and his family probably should consider a full blown intervention followed by a complete frontal lobotomy.

3)  Yes, Philip is being sued for 8 million dollars in Bexar County, Texas.  Our reliable sources tell us that he has been caught forging a Mexican judgment and that the may also be looking at a Bexar County Grand Jury.  Remember, bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person. 

4)  I wanted to address an issue that Philip has raised in his latest alcohol fueled rant.

Morgan represented the Review in the opportunity to go against a blog called Operation Kleinwatch and another blog called Sam The Eagle. In the end it was found that the operators were a group of attorney’s and liberal democrats trying to distract and degrade this web site and its operators. As a lawsuit was filed against both for going way across a line – they hired an attorney named Jeffery Dorrell. Mr. Dorrell is a former resident of Vidor Texas and good friends from what many call the Vidor Five. All of which are liberal democrats associated with the bi-sexual and gay community. One, who is not gay, and another that has a heart condition and unable to work (according to his insurance company but works anyway and is double dipping), have taken it upon themselves to go after Morgan and our sister company and its ownership. 

First, and foremost, Philip Klein is a lying idiot.  There were never FIVE of us involved.  Only two.  Me and Gus.  Philip has no idea who we are after TEN years of searching (which should make one wonder what kind of private investigator he really is).  Gus and I are not attorneys.  We are not gay.  Philip is right about Gus, he is liberal but I am conservative.  We are not from Vidor.  Neither of us has a heart condition.  I do have an ingrown toenail.  Gus occasionally picks his nose.  No we didnt hire Jeff Dorrell.  He did it for free because he hates Philip too.  We are not going after John Morgan.  We don't need to.  John does an excellent job of shooting himself in the foot, leg, face, groin, and everywhere else.  

5)  I feel sorry for John Morgan.  Why?  Because he listens to Philip Klein.  John, I have told you before, Philip is not your friend.  Philip was ready to throw you under the bus when you and Mike split up and Mike went to Maness.  I know you blamed Philip when you first lost your kids.  John is reaping what he has sown because he listened to Philip Klein.  Who's paying for this John?  You or Philip?

6)  Gus and I are not dead.   

Sam T. Eagle, editor