Bad Things Happen To Bad People and Philip Klein is a Bad Person

Some twenty five years ago, I met a man named Philip Klein.  At the time, he was married to Brenda Allred, the daughter of Bruce Allred, a local businessman whom I had known for some time.  Bruce was a kind man who took Philip under his wing, and set him up in the family business...the local Dairy Queen franchises.  Philip returned Bruce's kindness by cheating on his daughter, running his own Dairy Queen into the ground, and finally suing Bruce.  Philip lost and ended up filing Bankruptcy.

This was a telling event in the life of Philip Klein.  It showed what type of person he really was.  Philip remarried a fine woman shortly thereafter but it wouldn't last.  He was caught running around on her as well and went through a second divorce.

During this time, Philip decided to start a website where he would write outlandish things about any local personality that had crossed Philip's path in an adverse manner.  He used the internet to bully anyone that would not cow down to him or the client's that hired him as a private detective.

About twelve years ago, I had the occasion to meet and hear the stories of some of Philip's victims.  He had made their lives a living hell by contacting employers, family members, friends, anyone that he could use to manipulate or embarrass them.  It was then that I chose to fight Philip Klein.  What I didn't realize at the time was that there were many others out there that felt Philip was nothing more than the neighborhood bully and needed to be stopped.  Thus began the last decade of our fight against Philip Klein.

For over ten years, myself, my good friend, Gus Pilsbury, and a host of others, have waged an underground internet war against Philip.  To date, he has no idea who we are.  Five years ago, Philip sued GOOGLE trying to find out our identites.  That law suit resulted in a Texas Supreme Court case finding that Philip Klein was wrong.

But that didnt stop Philip. 

Several years ago, Philip was hired to harass a parent who was involved in a child custody suit.  Philip falsified certain Mexican documents that resulted in the arrest of an innocent mother who was trying to protect her child.  You can read more about it:

Philip's victim in this case filed an 8 million dollar lawsuit in San Antonio for her false arrest as well as the hell Philip as put her through.
Today was a special day in the life of Philip Klein.  Today was a special day in the life of those Philip Klein has stalked and tormented for years.

This afternoon, we learned that Philip's attorney in the case, Richard Espey, has filed a motion to withdraw from the case because Philip Klein lied to him.  This leaves Philip without an attorney in an 8 million dollar lawsuit.  But that's not all.  We have also learned that evidence will be submitted to a Bexar County Grand Jury seeking felony charges against Philip Klein.  From what we hear, the evidence is insurmountable and Philip will be looking at some serious prison time.

Our take?

What can I say?  I've said it for years....Bad things happen to bad people and Philip Klein is a bad person.

Sam T. Eagle, editor