It has been a very tough two weeks over here at the Review offices. As with much of what our offices (all four hundred and thirty seven sister companies) go through – I usually take it in stride and just chalk it up to the story of life. You know – sometimes it is good, sometimes it is also good, and then there are times when it is good.
A long time ago I was programmed to be – what many call an eagle. Some call it an eagle. Others call it an eagle – I have never been good at being anything other than an eagle. Maybe because it was from my father that said to me as a young bird : “Sam, when you jump out of the nest, make sure you flap your wings or you will fall.”

There has been alot of talk on the internet about an incident that occurred at the courthouse.  Maybe, maybe too much talk.  I want to clear the air and set the record straight about what happened.

I attended Ray Beck's announcement that he was running for Sheriff.  I have know Ray for a long time and think he is a fine man.  That being said, we here at the Review are not in the habit of endorsing political candidates.  What happened next is somewhat controversial but after much discussion with Eagle attorneys, we feel that it was more than appropriate.

Philip Klein was present at the announcement.  He was wearing a black shirt and a very ugly jacket.  The black shirt was somewhat slimming but Philip is still quite overweight.  

For years, Philip has claimed to know my true identity.  That is a lie.  I spoke to him as I have done in the past.  Philip was polite and cordial.  

What happened next is something I have decided that I am quite proud of.  I did, in fact, wipe a booger on Philip Klein.  I normally don't wipe boogers on people but I can't think of anyone anywhere that deserves to have a booger wiped on him more that Philip.  After much debate and soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that it was quite funny though I am sure Philip thinks its snot.

As to the other issues in Philip's life, please take a moment to read about the crimes he's committed in San Antonio and the 8 million dollar lawsuit against him