Time Out for Mathematics

In Philip's latest personal attack on local attorney Brent Coon (who sued Philip a few years ago and made him pay $35,000 for one of his libelous postings) he states:

But again - it is just our "Opinion" read by over 40,000 readers a week.

We thought we'd let out own mathematical consultant, The Count, take a look at Philip's latest
bombastic claim.

Utilizing a process called DIVISION, the Count compared Philip's current counter reading with the number of weeks that have passed so far this year.

Readers can clearly see that Philip's counter reads 301,687 (No one here at the Review really believes that and if you do, I've got some diamond mines in South Florida I'd like to sell you).

Today is July 22 and that means there have been 29 weeks so far this year.

If you take 301,687 and DIVIDE it by 29, you get 10,403.........NOT 40,000

For an ACCURATE accounting of readers to The Southeast Texas Political Review, check out WEBSITE OUTLOOK and remember.......

......................Philip lies................