Retards Write

DISCLAIMER: 'Retards Write' is a patent, trademark, 'copyrite' of STE Enterprises and the Eatafly Foundation. Any implications or inferences that Philip r. Klein, editor writes his own Reader Mail are purely intentional.


Sam, can you give us a Lawsuit Update?

ANSWER: WOW, what a great letter. We cannot comment, we are in litigation. That being said, we don't really give a shit about Sillip's philly lawshit. It is our god given right to make fun of Philip and I can't think of anyone better suited than Philip Klein to be the butt of a joke.


"Mr. Eagle;

Thank you thank you thank you for being real news. I am a teacher at BISD and also a county employee and read you everyday. You are the only media site that has told the truth or told us what we going to happen (that's not grammatically correct is it? OOOPPS, busted again). Two years ago you predicted what was going to happen and it did. We have people in our office that say you are crazy or a nut. You are neither Mr. Klein....OH, WAIT, I mean Mr. Eagle. Many of us are upset at how the elected officials have run our county. Now our pay and jobs may be in trouble because of Ron Walker and what he has done to us. Just call me and my co-workers loyal readers. Thank you..."

ANSWER: WOW, what a great letter! WOW! The writer must be really smart and popular and good looking too. No - we are not the media. We are just a "blog" (Newsletter) telling you what is going to happen and why. Remember this - ........Philip lies........... Remember that. Remember it.


Mr. Eagle, I am writing to solicit your help in a most distressing matter. My great uncle recently passed and left me the sum of ten million dollars invested in a bank in London. I am in need of your assistance in obtaining these funds and in return will compensate you hansomely.

ANSWER: WOW, what a great letter. This is how the liberals think. Just like this. I mean really, they do. What was I just saying?