Neighborhood Goes to War!

A sleepy Nederland neighborhood has declared war on one of their own this past weekend and sources tell us it could get nasty.

"We don't want his type around here." Said a neighbor that didn't talk to the Review.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that Philip r. Klein, editor, has been utilizing trojan internet signals from nearby houses in an effort to spoof the spoofers that are spoofing the spoofed.

"I'm just plain pissed." Said Philip r. Klein editor's next door neighbor who demanded that we not tell you who he is. "I can't believe he would outright steal our internet.

Residents around 22nd street in Nederland, Texas began noticing interruptions in their internet service around a month ago.

"My daughter was working on a school report about dolphins when her computer started acting strange." Said a caller to the Review. "A chat window opened and begand displaying a conversation between COOLPHILIP32459 and someone in Hull Daisetta named ANNABELLE. The conversation became quite graphic and then COOLPHILIP32459 asked for her picture. I was shocked when we intercepted this:

Other neighbors report intercepting internet signals from Philip Klein talking about harming several of Jim Henson's muppets and also talking about a local television anchor woman's genitalia.

"He said something about 'Sam the Eagle'" said an anonymous source that didn't seem to know anything else. "I didn't pay it no mind cause I know that Klein's a kook".

Other residents say they've had enough. "I am not going to stand by and do nothing." Said the person who lives directly across the street from Philip and asked that we not use their name. "We are sending a formal letter to Philip asking that he stop this. If not, we'll contact our lawyer...of maybe the Feds."

Our take"

WOW, simply WOW. We here at the Review can't believe it. Or maybe we can.