There is an old saying in politics for old timers. It is not what you did but what you did and then did again and then did for a third time.

The Review has learned today that there is corruption at the courthouse and we have the video to prove it. And we are going to show it to you. Yes we will do just that. We will show you the video showing you the corruption at the courthouse that we videoed.

Late last night, we got a call from Philip r. Klein, editor, informing us of the corruption and we said WOW, we just can't believe it.

"Mon, thez iz kurrupshun." Klein told us over the phone.

Well, we here at the Review just couldn't believe it so we sent an undercover operative who went deep undercover and spoofed his way into the courthouse past the security system and discovered this:

Yes folks, you saw it first here on the Review. Water running unchecked from a water fountain at the courthouse. And whats worse, an anonymous source who demanded we not admit they don't exist confirmed that Judge Ron Walker not only knew about the running water fountain but in fact drank some water from it.

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! Just an example of how Jefferson County is dying and will be dead and will die. It is THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTY IN ALL THE COUNTY and you have the video here to prove it.

And where is the rest of the media?

Just remember people, you saw it first here on the Review.