Green Day Credits Local Man For Hit Album

Grammy Award winning rock band Green Day announced today that its 2004 multi-platinum album 'American Idiot' was not, as previously believed, a concept album criticizing suburban life in America, but was in fact a tribute to a local private detective.

"I don't know where anybody got the idea that we were condemning suburbia." said guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong. "I was surfing the net one day and came across this website, 'The Southeast Texas Political Review' and I said to myself, God, what an American idiot!"

Armstrong went on to tell the Review that the writings of Philip r. Klein, editor, were instrumental in the entire album concept.

"That guy really cracked me up. I mean really, what a hypocrite!"

Lyrics like "The space that's in between insane and insecure, oh therapy can you please fill the void?" and "There is nothing wrong with me, this is how I am supposed to be in the land of make believe" were in fact inspired by posts on Klein's website.

"This is not surprising." Said rock critic, John Danforth. "Many bands utilize everyday experiences to stimulate their creative juices. I'm just surprised that Green Day could make a successful collection of songs from the words of such a simpleton."

"Ey em bary flettared." Klein told the Review over the weekend. "Ey du nut kno tha geys frum Gren Dey bat Ey du lik tha culur gren."

Our take?

Wow! Simply Wow! Its about time the writings of Philip r. Klein, editor got national attention.