Oh what a week.  Word of our return spread like wildfire.  We want to thank all the emails and phone calls to our office and thank everyone for a record week.  Gus and I had over 57,000 direct hits and 4.2 billion indirect hits to our websites.  Speaking of numbers, its been a week of them...lets get started.

6.....The numbers of LIKES on Philip's Impeach Layne Walker Facebook page.

5....The number of emails Mitch Woods received asking him to resign.

20....The number of people that have signed Philip's Impeach Layne Walker petition

24,980....The number of people Philip still needs to get to sign his Impeach Layne Walker petition

3....The number of times Philip has been served with divorce papers

2....The number of times Philip has filed corporate bankruptcy

5 1/2....The number of years it took Philip to get through High School

20+....The number of times Philip was held in contempt for not paying his child support

35,000....The number of dollars Philip had to pay our lawyer for the case he lost against us.

A bunch....The number of times Philip has been wrong about who I am.  I am not Brent Coon, Neil Harrison, Mitch Toups, anyone that works for Brent Coon, a professor at Lamar, Patrick McDermott (who we like), Amelia Earhart, or anyone else Philip thinks I am.

Have a great weekend.  We will post post the posting of the posted post.

Sam T. Eagle, editor