A Special Editorial from Editor Sam T. Eagle, Editor. Plus, Formal Request Made to Editor, Philip R. Klein, Editor.

We here at the Eagle's Nest have enjoyed the time off from making fun of Philip R. Klein, editor.  Frankly, I must say that finding new and exciting ways of showing the world what an idiot Philip really is was becoming monotonously easy.  However, that did not stop us from monitoring the monitors that monitor Philip R. Klein, editor and other monitors.  Alas it now appears that my cohort in crime, Gus Pillsbury (who we like), is once again donning his armor and preparing to lay siege to the mud and feces walls that surround the castle of Philip's self absorbed psyche.  I, of course, cannot let my friend and ally have all the fun.  That being said,  We here at the Eagle's Nest formally request and demand of Philip R. Klein, editor, the following:

1)  We are highly offended that Philip R. Klein, editor, has filed suit against virtually everyone in the State of Texas in not one but TWO new lawsuits (numbers 122 and 123 I think), but has not included Gus and I.  Really Philip, the perjured Affidavit you filed in our last suit probably won't have any bearing on any of the new ones and your bankruptcy is already of public record, besides, I hear that your attorney, John Morgan, really misses chatting with our attorney.  We thus formally demand that you include Gus and I in both of your lawsuits.  You can serve us through Google just like you tried to do last time (boy that was three wasted years wasn't it).

2)  Our second demand is quite simple.  We formally request that Philip R. Klein, editor, find a secluded restroom somewhere, preferably in a third world country with lots of flies that bite and carry nasty diseases, get a thick magazine (don't worry about trying to make sense of the letters, just look at the pictures), sit down on the toilet and take a long, deep, and meaningful dump.  Why, because Philip is so full of shit that some of it has just got to come out.

And now, here are some nice things Philip has said about Judge Layne Walker over the years (before he ruled against Philip's attorney because he got his daughter to file a false child abuse claim against her mother):

"Layne is a great guy"

Philip Klein--The Southeast Texas Political Review:  1/9/2009

"And then - rumors are running wild that Tom Maness will have a candidate. Get this - either Layne Walker - who is dead on as Mr. Law and Order and would wipe up Maness - or maybe another sitting judge that loves the law and would make a great DA."

Philip Klein--The Southeast Texas Political Review:  6/4/2009

But now,  Philip claims that over 10,000 people have visited the new Judge Walker website (run by Philip of course).  Interesting since as of June 23rd, only 16 people have signed the petition.

Our take?

Plain and simple....................................Philip lies.....................