A Special Message From The Editor

Almost ten years ago, I started making fun of Philip Klein.  It began slowly at first, on a number of local blogs and web forums with humorous posts about Philip's idiotic statements and flagrant lies but eventually culminated with the founding of the Sam The Eagle Political Review.

Through the years, Philip has threatened me with all manner of lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, civil injunctions, nasty name calling, stalking, boycotts, and at one point, even serious bodily injury.  I have quite a collection of "Notice of Intent to Sue" letters that eventually resulted in a three year suit to discover my identity which climaxed with the catastrophic failure of Philip and has firmly chiseled his name in "Texas case law" as an indelible moron.

Ah but I digress....

Let me be very clear......Philip Klein is a liar and an idiot as both Gus and I have shown countless times through the years. 

This morning, I logged on to my computer as I do most days and engaged the various proxy server programs that would have prevented Philip from discovering my identity even if GOOGLE had given him everything he wanted (It's funny, GOOGLE considers 'Sam Eagle' a real name) and rumbled over to Philip's site expecting to find some more useless drivel spewing from Philip's computer.  Imagine my shock when I read his post on Calvin Walker. 

For the first time in ten years I agreed with Philip Klein.

First let me state that I don't know if Calvin Walker is innocent or guilty of the thirty seven felonies he was charged with.  I have watched the news reports over the past year or so and it appeared that there was something to it.  Hell, a Federal Grand Jury indicted him for over three dozen felonies involving the fraud of millions upon millions of dollars with presumably a prison sentence of several thousand years. 

What I do know now is that Calvin Walker is guilty of not filing a proper tax return one year.  A single misdemeanor.

Like Philip, we here at the Eagle's Nest are perplexed at this outcome.  What happened to the allegations of stealing millions of dollars?  The fraud on the Beaumont Independent School District?  The fraud on the taxpayers?  The really cool but high priced bucket trucks?  What happened to the thirty seven felonies?  Surely there was one in there that was good?

Our take?

As much as I hate to say it (and boy do I hate it), Philip is right.  The U.S. Attorney's office has lost it.

Attorney General Eric Holder is charged with contempt and should be facing a Grand Jury for covering up the Department of Justice's involvement in providing machine guns to Mexican drug dealers (which begs the question "Who are the good guys and if I sell drugs will the Feds give me a machine gun too?").  Millions and millions of dollars were spent prosecuting a baseball player for not remembering what parties he went to in 1998 (I can't remember the parties I went to last week.).  Countless man hours were wasted trying to determine if a Presidential candidate knocked up his fluzzy bimbo girlfriend.  All the while, closer to home we have a Federal Prosecutor who claims he has a legitimate case-----more particularly, thirty seven legitimate cases for that matter.  Or at least a Grand Jury thought so.

Yet pleads all this to a single Misdemeanor?

What is perfectly clear is that John Bales and Bob Rawls are cowards.  Plain and simple. Afraid to enter the courtroom.  Afraid to pitch their thirty seven charges to a jury.  Despite the awards and accolades they will undoubtedly bestow upon themselves in the future, there is no question that their legacy will now be defined by this extreme act of judicial cowardice.  All the wall plaques and framed photographs of stern faced men in dog leg suits will never erase the fact they pussied out when their community needed them most.        

And now I come to a scary crossroads.  A realm that we here at the Review are wholly unfamiliar.  The bottom line is that Philip Klein is right.  And I'm not really sure how to handle that.  I guess sometimes even a blind, deaf, mute, retarded, no legged, half dead, manatee screwing, hog finds an acorn.

Sam T. Eagle, editor