Sometimes here at the Review we are not surprised at the surprising surprises that do not surprise us.  We know that Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in the county and we know that there are corrupt trial lawyers who corrupt the corruption.  We also know that Philip R. Klein, editor, has hired one of the most influential and powerful attorneys in the county, Wayne Reaud, to represent him in the pending case styled Philip R. Klein, Editor and His Personalities v. The Rest of the World.  There are many allegations against Philip R. Klein, editor ranging from committing Aggravated Perjury, to which the DA has the evidence and is waiting on a hearing, to having improper relations with underage farm animals. 

We here at the Review have obtained certain documents showing Philip R. Klein, editor's signature on certain documents.  And we are going to post these documents.  Yes we are.  Why?  To show you the readers that Jefferson County is the most corrupt county in the county and that Philip R. Klein, editor is part of the corruption that has corrupted the corruption.  Here is the document:

The top signature is an official document submitted to the court allegedly signed by Philip R. Klein.  The bottom signature is taken from a letter from Philip R. Klein to an anonymous debt collector who did not call the Review over the weekend and who didn't tell us that Philip had not paid a bill and then did not send us a copy of the letter from Philip saying he didn't have any money.

Our take?

WOW!  Simply WOW!  Something is up with Philip R. Klein, editor.  Either Philip is being serious when he refers to himself as "us" or someone is signing his name without permission which is Forgery.

Just another day in the most corrupt county in the county.