Sometimes around here at the Review we have to laugh.  We laugh, and then we sit down and laugh some more and then look in the back of the bottom drawer and find the bottle of half empty Jack Daniels that we hid behind an old crayon box and we drink it and then we fall down and laugh some more.

Sensing imminent danger, Philip R. Klein, editor and accused Aggravated Perjurer, jettisoned Klein attorney John Morgan in favor of prominent attorney and Democratic Party Powerhouse Wayne Reaud.  Read more about that on my dear friend Gus's site HERE.

"Klein must have been shitting razor blades."  Said a source that didn't call the Review over the weekend.  "You don't hire Wayne Reaud to represent you in a case like this unless you've done something really bad."

Sources close to the Reaud firm confirm the representation of Philip R. Klein though it is unclear if the firm also represents the 435 other aliases, entities, and personalities that manifest Philip's psyche.

Philip's tone changed almost immediately.

I have been declared a public person by the courts...I just hope that I can be a good public person

 Our take?

WOW!  Simply WOW!  Philip Klein wants to be Good?  For decades Klein has slagged the local Democratic Party and now when his shit is hitting the fan, he runs to one of the most powerful Democrats in the area for help.  And a trial lawyer at that.  It will be interesting to see if Philip continues to libel ( or as Philip says "liable") innocent public officials.  For example, Mr. Jamail (Mr. Reaud's assistant) has a Rita Ashley sign in his yard.  Will we see anymore posts about Ms. Ashley?  Will Mr. Reaud's phone be ringing off the hook when Philip starts posting about gumball machine investigations in the County Judge's office.

We shall see........

If Wayne Reaud can make Philip Klein a good person, we say he should get a Nobel Prize.  We're rooting for you.