What a week! Lets get started.

HALF A MILLION: I don't think so. WEBSITE OUTLOOK, a company that tracks internet traffic still has Philip's site at about 65 individual hits per day.

LAWSUIT UPDATE: Hearing set for August 16th. Mr. Klein to testify! Subjects will include his lewd posts about KFDM news anchor Kelli Philips as well as his "email tracking skills". Remember Philip, Perjury is a felony.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Speaking of lawsuits...Happy Birthday to Philip's lawsuit against Gus and I. It is two years old today.

BISD: So Philip, when are those other four indictments coming down?


The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from legal sources that attorney's have been hired by the family of the girl that says she was sexually assaulted by Justice of the Peace Thomas "Tom" Gilliam. According to the legal sources - a lawsuit may be filed against Gilliam as early as next week in Federal Court.

Philip Klein 7-9-10

Well that never happened now did it...Is that the same Judge Gilliam that Philip paid $35,000 to settle his libel case?

Have a great weekend and thank you to all the 1.7 billion people that now read the Review. We are now the most widely read political review in all of Iceland.

Sam t. Eagle, editor