This past morning, The Southeast Texas Record reported that Philip r. Klein, editor, had added attorney Brent Coon to his neverending lawsuit styled Philip R. Klein, Editor, and His Personalities v. Whoever He is Suing Today.

We here at the Review want to say that we already knew that. In fact Philip R. Klein, editor will be testilying under oath on August 16th in the 172nd District Court and will be answering questions, under oath, from attorney Jeff Dorrell regarding HIS LEWD COMMENTS about KFDM news anchor Kelli Philips, as well as his SWORN AFFIDAVIT stating that he tracked a particular email back to attorney Brent Coon.

After consulting with our attorney, the renowned Jay Noble Daggett (who kicked Philip's ass in the Supreme Court of Texas), we here at the Review have decided to reveal a portion of our writing and editorial team.

Sirhan Sirhan: Mr. han has been with the Review for three years now. He is responsible for political assassinations, Middle East issues, and folding laundry. Mr, han may be served with process at his residence in the Pleasant Valley State Prison in California.

Naomi Judd: Ms. Judd is one of the newest members of the Review and comes to us from Ashland, Kentucky where she may be served with her subpoena. She is responsible for all the cool sound bites we steal from Philip.

President John F. Kennedy: Though dead, President John Kennedy has been a consulting member of the Review since the beginning. Despite Philip's claims to the contrary, President Kennedy has assured us that his current physical condition will preclude any future runs for office. President Kennedy may be served with process at his grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

Patrick McDermott: Pat is a traveling investigative reporter for the Review and is also responsible for fleet service maintenance. Philip still doesn't know where to serve Pat and we're not gonna tell.

Go get em' Philip!