The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that government officials in Greece have hired a Nederland private detective and self described political consultant to assist in dealing with their faltering economy. Philip r. Klein, Editor, (who we don't like) head of The Team To Call When You Really Want To Know (even though they still can't find out who Gus and I really are) and editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review has been retained by economic leaders in Greece to help deal with the country's failing economy.

"We needed someone who had a great deal of experience in bankruptcies, dodging creditors, and telling outrageous lies and Mr. Klein fit the bill perfectly." Said a source close to someone that knows someone who had a relative that once ate at a Greek restaurant in Queens.

Klein, who's experience in bankruptcy can be found HERE, will be traveling to Athens Greece next week said three sources who didn't talk to the Review. He has been asked to dress like a policeman, (as opposed to an FBI agent) carry a small club, and tell citizens of the iconic city the importance of raising taxes.

Our take?

You bet we will watch this one!