Formal Notice from The Review

Last week, Philip Klein gave notice of the filing of yet another lawsuit, by our count (including the two bankruptcies) his forty-first.

This morning - I have authorized my legal counsel to move the original 202 filing in court to a lawsuit. This morning - our legal counsel is preparing a lawsuit to be filed against GOOGLE, Inc., Michael Neil Harrison as well as a local lawyer and his law firm.

Pursuant to the law, which is the law because it is the law, the Sam the Eagle Political Review gives formal notice of the following to Philip Klein aka Philip R. Klein aka Philip R. Klein, editor; Klein Investments; PRK Enterprises; the fraudulent Gadfly Foundation; Klein Investigations; Klein Consulting; Jacob's House; Jacob's Ladder; GEICO Insurance Company; and The Patrick McDermott is Alive and Well Foundation:

1) Pursuant to TCPRC Sec. 10 et seq. Michael Harrision has no connection to this website. This formal notice is issued so that Michael Harrison can get a huge uncollectable judgment against the above referenced insolvent companies and bankrupt individuals should a suit be filed against him.

2) Philip R. Klein is a titty baby who really needs to dress a little nicer if he is going to be on television. And no bright colors. Pick some slimming dark blues or grays. Really dark and slimming. And tell the cameramen no closeups.

3) As a formal response to the fraudulent accusations against the Sam the Eagle Political Review, the Review has this to say.........