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What a week, lets get started

FACEBOOK: Looks like Philip's been taking a beating on Facebook walls. Yes he is a 'looney nut'.

NUMBERS: Up a bit for the past two weeks. Check out the latest from WEBSITE OUTLOOK

LAWSUIT UPDATE: I thought you were suing me this week Philip. Or was that last week, or wait, September? Or May...or....nevermind.


In a poll taken by the Review, the Review learned the following if the election were held today :


Jeff Branick 30 %

Nick Lampson 33 %

A GOP Candidate 34 %

Unsure 3 %

Philip Klein 2-6-2009


Big time TV has come to Jefferson County Texas. Seemingly a major Network crew doing a story on our own Jefferson County is in town asking questions. What about?
Well - how about the domestic courts of Jefferson County Texas and the accusations that judges play favoritism and have a political agenda. Case in point - well - seemingly they have done their research and have pulled hundreds of files.
The target? District Judge Larry Thorne.
The Review granted an interview by the film crew this afternoon. And we made comment. We will let all of you see it on Network TV. And our point was pretty clear. The Review's editor was made victim of one of the "justice's" work and seemingly the case is not alone.

Philip Klein 2-20-2009

Must have missed that one Philip. Just like I missed your cover story in Australian GQ. Still pissed that he held you in contempt? Really Philip you have to pay your child support and when you don't the judge gets mad.

NEXT WEEK: Got some interesting emails. We're going to take a look first hand at Philip's claims that his credit report is perfect. You're not going to believe what 'we' found.

Have a great weekend. As usual, we will post post the posting of the posted post.