Been busy this week. Let's get started...

Appraisal District: We got an interesting email about our story about Philip's pool valuation. Apparently an investigation has begun.


Hung - As of this hour no verdict. Pack your bags we are going to wherever?

Philip really needs new sources...


We Are Following A Rumor - Rumor only - Heilman and Beaulieu will walk No charges.

Interesting...Very interesting considering Philip said this just six weeks ago:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that indictments of two Beaumont Police Officers will be held until after the Election on November 2, 2010. Sources close to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office tell the Review that the charges "are likely"

Philip Klein 10-29-2010

"a special prosecutor from out of the area to come in and indict two Beaumont police officers which will happen either Thursday of this week or Thursday of the next week."

Philip Klein on KBTV 10-12-2010 Check it out HERE

Rumor is that lawyers have been consulted about suing not only Philip but Mike McNeil and Fox4. Your not supposed to say someone is going to get indicted. Might want to consult legal Angel.

SETRPC Corruption: Oh look, another investigation. For a partial list of some FORTY FOUR other things that Philip predicted but never happened, check out the KFDM forum archives HERE.

Next Week: An interesting story that will blow your socks off. While the SETRPC was 'embezzling' taxpayer money, guess who had his own little government scam going.

Have a great weekend. We will post post the posting of the posted post.

Sam t. Eagle, editor