Those Pesky Counters

Sometimes here at the Review, we have to laugh, we really do. On Friday, Philip wrote:

Popular - Sources tell us at FOX4 that our segment is so popular every Wednesday that people are tuning in at the Jefferson County Court House on the new cable system put in for TV. Huh?

An interesting claim given that Philip's five minute segment airs BEFORE THE COURTHOUSE IS OPEN.

But I digress. Over the years, Philip has made countless grandiose claims about the popularity
of his website:

In January of this year, Philip claimed:

3.46 million page views for the 2009 year.

October of 2009:

For those of you outside of the county that read this site - to the tune now of just over 8,000 page views a day

May of 2009:

over 10,000 readers per week

Last Monday, Philip posted a video on You Tube of his son's latest run-in with the police HERE.

EAGLE'S NOTE: For the protection of our readers, the link is directed through a server in Germany so that Philip is not able to track your internet usage or read your thoughts (giggle)

Unfortunately for Philip, You Tube does not allow for the manipulation of their hit counters. Note the total number of HITS is 504:

That works out to roughly 120/ hits per day.

Readers will also note that the TOTAL hits for the video he posted last June is 449.

In contrast, this video of a young boy making farting noises with his armpit has more than twice the number of HITS:

According to WEBSITE OUTLOOK, a company that tracks URL hits to specific websites, The average number of daily visits to The Southeast Texas Political Review is currently only 173:

We gave all this information to our mathematical consultant, The Count,
who came up with the obvious conclusion.......

....................................Philip lies.................