Philip's Problems

As you well know - if you read this web site - we simply don't like Philip Klein. It is that simple. As you well know - if you read this web site - we think that Philip should have his fucking fingers chopped off with an ax and his mouth stuffed full of soiled toilet paper.

We have withheld from doing a full piece on Philip's run for public office - however - now is the time to put all of the cards on the table regarding Philip's desire to be County Judge of Jefferson County.

Now - we have only one, Jeff Brannick, who had the balls to run for County Judge. But Philip- a loud mouthed divorced bankrupt private investigator who DID graduate from High School has announced on multiple occasions that he wants to be County Judge. He has posted two polls indicating that he could in fact win the seat.

Philip has some problems. And they are big ones. He cannot win this election (or any other one for that matter) - however he has a whole bunch of bad news facing him. Let's go with some of it today and then we will comment.

1) All indications are his son got into a scrap with his own mother. Police were called. Photographs were taken and the case was presented to the Jefferson County District Attorney. It is what it is. Sad.

2) Philip's brother was busted for drugs. Again Sad.

3) Philip has filed bankruptcy twice. He has applied for for hundreds of thousands of dollars in government loans and the trail of the money stops just one step short of his 'hot tube'. Questions?

4) Philip's problems don't stop there. He was convicted of multiple counts of failure to pay child support. Dead beat dads don't make good leaders.

5) Philip has a bad relationship with women. There are not one, not two, but THREE divorce cases with his name on them. His current relationship---lets just say the police have been to his house post a report of 'someone' barricaded in the bedroom.

6) There are criminal allegations. Stalking in Los Angeles and falsely representing himself as a federal agent to name a few. You can't be a county judge while serving time.

7) Philip Klein is an idiot who never graduated from college.

8) Philip Klein drinks too much.

So where does that leave Philip? Well.....who knows.

Brannick is lurking around giggling right now because of Philip's moronic behavior. And he should be. The Klein name is not so good in the community.

So that leaves voters - voting for Jeff Brannick or a god damned moron who's not qualified to eat your garbage much less take it out. Klein is the joke running around the West End GOPERS who used to know him when he wanted to be somebody.

The bottom line - Philip Klein is a fucking idiot.