Testicular Fortitude

This past evening, Philip Klein posted his latest poll in which he asks his readers to assess his viability as a candidate for County Judge. So far, the numbers in Philip's little world look good. Philip has roughly 64% of the vote:

Quite similar to the 54% Phillip garnered in the Poll he made up last December:

Why then doesn't Philip Klein run for office one might ask. Let's look at some prior local candidates who had the courage to enter politics:

Allen Lee ran for both Mayor of Beaumont and County Judge.

Thurman Bartie was elected Justice of the Peace and then subsequently ran for County Commissioner.

David Bellow unsuccessfully ran for Hardin County Commissioner, but was later elected to the State Republican Executive Committee (despite claims by Philip that he was to be arrested and thrown in jail as a draft dodger.)

Willie Bae Lewis was elected to the Port Arthur City Council and ran for Mayor of Port Arthur four times.

Rhonda Dugas has mounted not one, not two but three campaigns for public office.

Why then does Philip Klein not run for office when his polls clearly show he would win?

The answer boys and girls is quite simple.......

Philip Klein is a pussy.