Now We Are Really Sick - Klein To Run For County Judge?

Get this one. Philip Klein is going to run for County Judge? What is the honorable court of the people? Honesty, integrity and on and on?

God help us all?

Yes - you heard it right - Philip Klein (that Philip Klein) is going to run for County Judge against the "Jeff" himself - Brannick. This idiot on smart guy fight should be some fun to watch. When the Jeff goes loose - you never know what can happen. And believe us folks - the Jeff will go loose.

Now what is interesting to us is how is was leaked. On a blog? You would think it would be like the Enterprise- but no no - it was on Philip's own blog. Check it out:

We called around and asked a few people what they thought.

"Mr. Kleins will be beat like his daddy used to beat him with a stick in the back yard. He is going to go looking for his momma after the ass whippin Jeff is going to put on him," said one source in the community.

Another told us : "Jeff will smoke him like that @@@@ he must be smokin to run that man," said another.

Giggle - there is nothing like the peoples talkin about Mr. Kleins!

Our take?

Philip just CANNOT GET OUT OF POLITICS. He has as much baggage as a 747 flying to London (though it probably couldnt get off the ground if he were on the plane). Klein goes down. Way down.

We say - go get him Jeff. This is going to be a fist fight like no other and WE LIKE IT!!!! But yet when we think of Philip on the bench we want to THROW UP (and then drink a bottle of industrial drain cleaner)!