2009 The Review in Review

As 2009 draws to a close, we here at the Review thought we'd take a look at the lows and the lows for Philip Klein this year.

First, don't let those numbers fool you, Philip's average daily readership is far from the millions he tells everyone.

Website Outlook has daily readership for The Southeast Texas Political Review at 153.

Lets take a look at some of Philip's "stories" from 2009:

In January, Philip assured us that Jefferson County Judge Ron Walker would step down and that Miriam Johnson would be appointed in his place:

"Do not be surprised that Walker may step down and name Miriam Johnson as the sitting judge before she announces her retirement this next year," said the source with direct knowledge.

Well that didn't happen.

February saw Beaumont City Councilwoman Becky Ames running for County Judge:

Ames has a chance to take over the county and beyond. She has the talent - the contacts and she has been tried. It is our opinion that she has the support to win as a candidate for county Judge.

Well that didn't happen either.

March blew in and Philip touted the impending demise of the Beaumont Enterprise:

As well the Review has learned that the building that the Enterprise enjoys may be going on the sales block as early as next week.
"I have been told that if drastic measures are not taken here we will be out of business in the next 60 days," said one employee of the Enterprise that demanded anonymity.

Nope, mine was still in the driveway this morning.

April saw more gloom for the Enterprise:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Hearst will make "whatever announcement they will make" no later than April 14, 2009. Our sources is a high level source with Hearst.
At stake is whether or not the Enterprise will continue to be printed.

As well as a Philip Klein "exclusive."

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that City of Port Arthur Fire Inspector Mike Aguilar will official announce his intention to run for Jefferson County Justice of the Peace Court Pct. 2 this next week.

Wrong again. So much for Klein and Associates, political consultating.

May brought some late spring rains. Unfortunately for Philip, his forecasting abilities would call for thunderstorms in the Sahara:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned of a movement to begin the process to remove Dr. Johnnie Brown from his position as district Superintendant following the dismal test scores by students at the Port Arthur ISD.

The Beaumont Enterprise did a good thing. They broke a story. And that story was Beaumont City Councilman Audwin Samuel that is in trouble with the IRS. Again?

Wrong....and uhhhh....wrong.

June was no better for Philip:

And then - rumors are running wild that Tom Maness will have a candidate. Get this - Layne Walker - who is dead on as Mr. Law and Order and would wipe up Maness

Nor July either for that matter:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this morning, and confirmed by three sources, two of which work in the Nederland Independent School District that Superintendent Gail Krohn will "announce her resignation next month."
This after speculation that newer members of the board of trustees wanted new leadership.

Mrs. Krohn would retire after some 40 years of service at the end of the year with the full support of the board. Here is her announcement in the Enterprise (which is still being published to this day).

In August, Philip predicted a race riot in Rogers Park (much like the race riot he reported at Parkdale Mall last week. Neither happened.

The Review has learned via a tipster this morning that the progressive democrats of Jefferson County are going to have "a few" of their people in the room to pepper questions and raise a little reverse hell at the meeting. The stance will be pro-Obama and pro-government run health care.

In September, he declared war on Gus Pilsbury and yours truly. His 34th lawsuit to date:

This afternoon I have been given the authorization by our law firm to announce an agreement between the two parties, being Google USA and our company. In the agreement - Google shall turn over all records, IP addresses and their internal documents regarding the sites in question - as well as another site that they have been tracking.

Unfortunately, GOOGLE hasn't been as cooperative as he thought.

In October, Philip's social counterpart, Allen Lee was MURDERED!


The Southeast Texas Political Review and the local media has learned that former candidate for Beaumont City Council and community activist created by the MEDIA - is dead. He was found in a home in Beaumont this morning.

Well, not really, Allen died of natural causes but murder sounds so much better.

November brought yet ANOTHER imagined Federal investigation:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned this weekend that the Beaumont Independent School District is currently under investigation by two federal agencies. Both deal with taxpayer money that has been misused and possible charges of mail fraud.

as well as December's predictions of doom and gloom:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from sources inside the Texas Workforce Commission that the unemployment rate in Port Arthur Texas is well near the 25% mark - which is an unheard of rate for any county or city in the State of Texas.

Funny how he seems to add 15% to the actual numbers found HERE.

We'll see what 2010 holds but I have a strong suspicion that the color of the sky will not change in Philip's world.

From all of us here at the Review, we wish you a Happy New Year. And remember.....

.............................Philip lies................