Lawsuit Talk with Jay Noble Daggett

In an effort to update our readers on Philip's lawsuit, we let our attorney, the noted Jay Noble Daggett, review (pun intented) Respondent's response to the response of the response of Petitioner's responsive response. To say the least, we here at the Review are quite shocked at the responses.

Philip Klein alleges in official court documents that certain photographs were published showing him having sexual relations with farm animals.

"The anonymous blogger has published a photograph...that appears that Mr. Klein has engaged in sexual intercourse with an animal."

We here at the Review are outraged! Absolutely outraged!

"Im angry!" Said an anonymous caller to the Review over the weekend. "I can't believe it!"

After an intensive investigation, we here at the Sam the Eagle Political Review have been unable to find ANY such photographs of Philip having sex with a farm animal and are highly offended that someone would publish such photographs without first contacting us.

"I haven't seen any photographs of Philip having sex with a farm animal but would consider publishing one if we got it." Said our boss, Sam T. Eagle, editor.

So.........we here at the Review thought we would give a bounty to anyone sending an acutal photograph of Philip having sexual relations with a farm animal. Send us a shot and score some New Year's cash from the Review.