Retard Writes

'Retard Writes' is a patent, trademark, 'copyrite' of STE Enterprises and the Eatafly Foundation. Any implications or inferences that Philip Klein writes his own Reader Mail, are purely intentional.


Dear Mr. Eagle, I want to thank you for your support of police officers and of course, puppies. I know that most people say you are a sorry worthless pile of self absorbed shit that will rot in the nether regions of Hell, but I want to say that that is not true and that polices officers all over the world, both alive and dead, appreciate all that you do for the community. They even carry your picture in their police cruisers so that they will know what you look like.


No, thank you for thanking me. Post thanking me, I want to thank you for thanking me again. Your admiration of me is thanks enough.


Sam, what is up with the lawsuit?


We cannot comment, we are in litigation. But, idiots are idiots and Philip Klein is an idiot. We can say that Philip is lost in the forest and hasn't even gotten to the moat yet.


Sam, I read your site and the other sites daily. My father, the late Ward Cleaver was a big fan of Philip Klein but I think you and Gus do an excellent job showing what a cockroach he really is. Keep up the good work and God Bless you and your family and all your friends and your pets and all the stuff in your house.


WOW! What a great letter. As to the other sites, we do not read them. Corruption breeds political mistakes and history is history and geography is geography and science is science and math is math and shit is just food that we ate yesterday that if we're lucky comes out our ass the next day.