The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that Philip r. Klein, editor of the Southeast Texas Political Review was ordered to remove his Editorial "Five Questions" by authorities pending investigation.

"Philip Klein is a liar and has no business telling people that he is a guest lecturer at the University of Houston.' Said a caller that didn't call the Review.

"The guy didn't even graduate from college!" Said a professor the Review contacted this afternoon.

Last Friday, Philip r. Klein, editor, posted an editorial talking about a speech he gave to students last week at the University of Houston. Post the posting, many disputed Philip's claims and accused him of fabricating the entire piece (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!). Sources close to the incident tell the Review that officials at the University of Houston were highly upset at Klein's claims and demanded the removal of the editorial. It was removed last night and replaced with a hastily written piece about getting drunk in Las Vegas.

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! But we say it around here at the Review all the time........

......................Philip lies....................