Living on Jack Daniels and 10,000 calories a day - so here we go :

University of Houston: We got an email...

Dere Mr. Egle. Mr. Philip r. Klein, editor, ded speke 2 ur stedants. He wuz a gud speker. We laked hem vary mech.

Sumeone frum tha Uneversity uf Huston

Silly Philip.

KFDM: Quite a thread going on in the forums. Check it out HERE.


We had ANOTHER RECORD WEEK at the Review

For the truth, check out a recently updated WEBSITE OUTLOOK

Lawsuit Update:

September 2010

An expansion of the lawsuit is undertaken including Tortuous Interference with a business relationship. Two new parties are added. The petition to be filed with in two weeks in Federal Court.

And going into November..........Philip lies......

Have a Great Weekend. We will post post the posting of the posted post.