We are never really that shocked by anything that goes on with Philip Klein. But this one really took us back a little.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned that the disabled community is outraged with Philip Klein's article entitled "Rut-rooooooo" and that attorneys have been hired to file a lawsuit against Philip Klein, Klein Investigations, Klein and Associates Political Relations, PRK Enterprises, Klein Investments, and the Gadfly Foundation and some guy who's car broke down in Philip Klein's parking lot.

"I can't believe that fat slob would do wait, yes I can." Said a West end Wanda that spoke to the Review.

Sources close to the suit claim that Klein's intentional use of the phrase "rut-rooooooo" instead of the more common "ut oh" was a deliberate slight on those individuals with speech impediments. Among those said to be involved in the suit are television personalities, Scooby-doo and Astro from The Jetsons.

"Rilip Rine riz ra real rick" Said Mr. Doo in a phone call to the Review late last night.

The Review also learned this morning that federal investigators are also considering charges against Klein for numerous violations.

"We do not take lightly to making fun of our disabled citizens." Said our source at the feds. "Klein has stepped over the line."

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! But it doesn't surprise us. Philip lies, he makes lewd comments about women, and now he's making fun of the disabled. Just another day in the most corrupt county that is in the county of Jefferson county.