Area Educators to Use The Southeast Texas Political Review

Summer break is ending and school bells all across Southeast Texas will soon be ringing but this Fall there will be an added tool in the toolbox of area teachers. This year, Philip Klein's Southeast Texas Political Review Blog, is set to be a key part of many area educators curriculum.

"It is a wonderful teaching aid." Said third grade English teacher Sarah McGillicutty. "The misspellings and grammatical errors really challenge my remedial reading class. They love to sift through Mr. Klein's dribble and rewrite it so that it makes sense. Here is a classic example:"

They have lived off the Government Tit and they have not idea how to run a business other than to tax, take and spend.

"'Tit' should not be capitalized (unless Philip is talking about Kelli Philips again) and 'not' should be 'no'.

The educational benefits of Philip Klein's blog are not limited to just English and Grammar. Local mathematics teachers are utilizing Philip's hit counter in lessons on multiplication and division.

Fourth grade teacher John Danforth used this word problem to help his class understand MULTIPLICATION:

"If there are SEVEN (7) days in a week and WEBSITE OUTLOOK says that Philip gets SIXTY FIVE (65) hits per day, How many people read The Southeast Texas Political Review each week?"

7 X 65 = 455

"But I thought Mr. Philip Klein, editor, says two million people read him every day." Shouted an anonymous student in the back of the room.

"..........Philip lies......" Mr. Danforth replied with a smile.

Universities are also including The Southeast Texas Political Review in classroom lectures and tutorials.

"Philip Klein is the finest case of malignant narcissism I have ever seen." Said an abnormal psychology professor who called the Review over the weekend. "Klein's muted attempts to disguise with self absorption his overt jealousy of the west end social crowd that now ostracizes him is classic...absolutely classic."