FOX Unveils New Primetime Game Show

FOX, attempting to capitalize on the success of the popular game show "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader", announced today that it would add a second reality television contest to its Fall lineup.

"We're excited." Said an anonymous FOX executive who didn't call the Review over the weekend. 'We think this show has alot of potential"

"Are You Smarter Than Philip Klein" will pit contestants against Philip r. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, asking questions on topics ranging from remedial reading and basic mathematics, to how to deceive your spouse after promiscuous philandering.

"The bonus round is going to be really exciting." Said an anonymous writer for the show that we didn't talk to. "Contestants will be asked to apply for and receive a loan from the United States Small Business Administration and then use it to build a pool in their back yard."

Sources close to the show tell the Review that noted KBTV reporter Mike McNeil was asked to host the show but was replaced at the last minute by celebrity comedian Stimpy.

"We couldn't think of anyone more appropriate to handle the subject matter associated with Philip Klein than Stimpy." Said an anonymous caller to the Review late last night.

The show is set to debut in early September and scheduled contestants include, a brick, the corpse of a man killed in a hit and run accident in Tucson, part of a discarded frozen pizza, and Warren Beatty.