Philip Klein........The Legacy

We know about the failed businesses and marriages, the bankruptcies and lawsuits, but lets hear what others have to say:

"Know what the fuck you are talking about. You came off as uninformed or stupid. Personally, I lean more towards you being stupid."------Mike Aguilar's Going Underground Blog

"The blog is completely unfounded, baseless, and without merit." -------Port Arthur Fire Department

"I can't think of anyone in Southeast Texas who deserves to be made fun of more than Philip Klein" ------The Southeast Texas Record

"Throw in the lies of a tainted anonymous source and you've got a veritable cauldron of iffy journalism." ------Beaumont Enterprise

"The Southeast Texas Political Review has too much hate for southeast Texas and the local elected officials. If Philip Klein has a problem with the Jefferson County system, then he should run for political office and try to change it. His continuous description of Jefferson County as being corrupt does not serve justice to the good citizens of this area."------Texas Gulf Coast Gab

"Philip Klein, you owe us all an apology but most of all, you owe a sincere apology to Kelli and Bob Philips.' ------Beaumont Underground Blog

"Klein's blog is an egregious use of media charged with falsehoods that can only distract from the truth." -------PAFD Local 397

"The investigator on this case (Philip Klein) came across a little like a “clown prince” and all that was missing was a brass band marching across hot beach sand with no shoes... It would appear from where I was watching that Mr. Klein would be most excellent at locating a Taqueria or an all-you-can-eat burrito buffet." ------John Nazarian

"A few times we burst out laughing while listening to the theorizing of this man and while watching him do his detective work" ------NBC Dateline