Call a Klein...

It's becoming common place amongst the local polticos. "Call a Klein." was the phrase they were whispering. "Call a Klein."

"I didn't know what to do when my wife suspected me of cheating on her. I mean, I was, but I didn't want her to know it so I called Philip Klein and boy he came up with the best story about how I was helping these old ladies in a nursing home in Alaska and not really banging the shit out of our pastor's wife." Said an important elected official that didn't call the Review over the weekend. "That Philip Klein sure can come up with the BS."

Sources close to the Review are confirming that all around Jefferson County, Philip Klein is becoming the 'go to' guy for lies and falsehoods.

"I can't think of anybody that lies more than Philip." Said someone we didn't talk to. "It's almost as if he believes all the crap that comes out of his mouth."

Philip r. Klein (who we don't like), editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review, has a long history of deception and underhanded dealings. A veteran of multiple bankruptcies and divorces, the local private detective has established himself firmly in the community as a guy that has no idea what he's talking about and will just make stuff up to make himself sound important.

"I love him." said a member of the FOP (friends of Philip). "He really can spin a tale."

EDITORS NOTE: Despite an exhaustive search, we were actually unable to find anyone who claimed to be friends with Philip Klein.

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! The most corrupt county in the county now has a new calling card. When you need a good lie.....Call a Klein.