Oh boy, what a week...

Speaking Tour: Our boss, Sam t. Eagle, editor has been invited on a speaking tour of all the kindergarten classes in Southeast Texas---we are thinking about it.

Memo to Philip Klein: You don't go to cocktail parties because you don't get invited.

Lawsuit Update:

Counsel for STE and OKW file (sic) a response barley (sic) under the deadline.

We use only the finest choice grains in our legal briefs. I think you meant barely Philip (Giggle)

Robert Reid: "I am formally announcing that I will not appeal the July 13th ruling of County Judge Ron Walker's removal of my name from the ballot for the Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, general election this coming November."

But wait, Philip Klein said....

Sources tell the Review that an appeal is being tendered to the 9th court of appeals and a complaint has been drafted against Judge Walker (like he cares)- away from candidate Reid.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 7-13-10

............Philip lies.........

Three years ago:

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late Tuesday afternoon that there may be an IRS Investigation ongoing regarding the Community In-Power and Development Association, Inc., and its "Chairman" Hilton Kelley.

Still waiting.......

Have a great weekend. We will post post the posting of the posted post.

Sam t. Eagle, editor