Lawsuit Talk with Jay Noble Daggett

Philip's latest 'Reader Mail' is yet another letter regarding his quest for litigation fame. Ignoring his recent lawsuit with a company in New York, the criminal allegations in California, and the numerous complaints lodged against him with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Philip is more concerned with his 202 petition against Gus and I. We asked our own counsel, Jay Noble Daggett to take a look.

"...I am a lawyer from Houston directed to your site and lawsuit. May I say good luck to you. The question (as I see it) will be does a anonymous blogger have the same rights as someone who signs their name. I believe you have the law on your side."

Answer : Well - I am not sure I agree with you. But I am sure we are going to Washington with this. This will be a ground breaking case. This case will write law in Texas and beyond. And it will answer such for our lifetime. Keep watching for the other shoe to drop. Not only is there a civil tort...but....keep tuned.

First, an individual from Houston that practices law would never refer to themselves as a "lawyer". Only "attorneys" practice law in Houston.

Second, an attorney would never profess to an individual that you "have the law on your side" without knowing all the facts.

Third and most telling is this:

Attorneys go to school for some twenty years (unlike Philip who barely made twelve) and know that when the preposition "A" precedes a phrase beginning with a vowel, it changes to "AN".

Philip does not know this:

In a article written by David Ball

The Southeast Texas Political Review 6-19-08

she is a anti-Klein

The Southeast Texas Political Review 1-2-09

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The Southeast Texas Political Review 5-19-09

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The Southeast Texas Political Review 11-21-08

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The Southeast Texas Political Review 10-2-08

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The Southeast Texas Political Review 10-9-09

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The Southeast Texas Political Review 2-18 10

Philip clearly wrote this letter and is AN idiot.