A Special Message From The Editor

This afternoon, post the posting of a post, a member of my staff handed me an Affidavit purportedly executed by Philip r. Klein, editor. Said same Affidavit has been forwarded to Eagle attorneys for verification and review for further and assorted actions. Upon completion of the review, we will post said same Affidavit here on the Review for all to see.

Furthermore, Eagle attorneys will be forwarding a copy of said same Affidavit to Tom Maness (who we like), the Jefferson County District Attorney (and who doesn't like Philip) for his review.

Frankly, I am shocked at the allegations in said same Affidavit and vehemently deny the statements of Philip r. Klein, editor.

Philip, as a citizen of this great land, I feel it is my duty to advise you that filing a false Affidavit is a felony. Think about your actions now because when your cellie, Shanko Leroy George Washington Lincoln Carver, is using your big white ass as a genital pillow, it will be too late.

Pax Romana

Sam T. Eagle, editor