If I write on Trog - I sign it - not like those mindless pussy's that are too scared to sign their names.
If I have something to say - I will say it and sign my name to it. Make damn sure of that.
I have assured certain people in the media through personal letters to them and / or personal phone calls to them - assuring them I have nothing to do with the posts
I do post on and sign my name.
The Trog Site - has three writers that (1) post then blame the post on me and then comment about the post

The words "I sign my name" ring in our ears like a cacophonic bell but what we have all learned over the weekend is that Philip Klein has long been a member of the ranks of mindless pussies that post anonymously on the internet.

The BEAUMONT UNDERGROUND ( click on the link...YOU HAVE GOT TO SEE THIS!!!!!) website posted a story this past weekend revealing that despite Philip's numerous apoplectic assurances that he "signs his name" to all his posts, he in fact, posted over 220 anonymous posts to the popular local media blog.

"Philip is in some deep shit." said a caller who will call the Review next week. "Trog caught him with his hand in the cookie jar...or should I say, forked tongue."

What is even more disturbing is Philip Klein's apparent fixation with a particular local anchor person's private parts.

I still want to talk about Kelli's tits and bush!

was a post that came from Philip's computer in April of this year. We attempted to contact Philip Klein at his residence this past weekend but he was unavailable for comment as was his wife. We did hear alot of dishware crashing behind the door though.

"She's pissed." said an anonymous source that did not call the Review.

Ironically, Philip was offering to help Bob Philip's beat up lewd commentors this past Christmas:

I think Bob Phillips would like to come punch some of you in the nose - and I would be more than happy to find you for him.

It appears that Philip will have to look no farther than his own mirror.

"Its sad, truly sad." said the smartest man in the world who contacted the Review after the story broke. "Philip had such a dim future as a political commentator and now even that's shot to hell."

Our take?

WOW! Simply WOW! Trog caught Philip Klein and ran it up his butt! But it doesn't surprise 'us.' Cause 'we' say it around here all the time..............

..................PHILIP LIES............