What a week. Here we go.

NEW JERSEY PENTAGRAM: Lou Costello, Joe Pesci, Queen Latifah, Jerry Lewis, Philip Klein. Interesting, very interesting.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: From the Southeast Texas Record;

"And I can't think of anyone in southeast Texas who deserves to be made fun of more than Philip Klein."

Attorney Jeffrey Dorrell commenting on the stay issued by the Texas Supreme in Klein v. Google, Google v. Klein, Google v. Koogle and Klein v. himself.

TOM GILLIAM: Philip owes you a fruit basket. Don't hold your breath.

TROG: Gone from the front page. Sorry guy. It happens to the best of us.

HITS, HITS, HITS!: The Sam the Eagle Political Review is now the most popular political blog in all of Iceland. Just ask 'us'.

Have a great weekend. As usual, 'we' will post post the posting of the posted post.

Sam T. Eagle, editor