Well - another week and it has been a busy one. So let's go :

LAWSUIT: Party on 6th street!!!!!: Looks like lawyer Morgan has some work to do.

Hey Philip, you forgot to mention that Judge Floyd GRANTED GOOGLE's Motion to Quash your deposition.............silly Philip............

STILL NO WORD: About the Gillam gig. I told you. It might be awhile. In the mean time, what about these promised stories Philip?

From May 14th:

Working On - Two huge stories. Some of you will simply not believe.

And April 16th:

Eyeing A Rather Big Announcement - Watch listen and learn kids. A very big political announcement is in the offing. When it hits - just repeat after yourself : "I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first." And yes - we told you so. Yes we did. A special message to those that tried to hide it - never ever try to hide crap from the public. Not only does it piss off the public - but believe it or not - there are still some honest souls in the Jefferson County Court House. Thank God.

.............Philip lies...........


we DO NOT write on Trog unless we post it here also and place a watermark in the paragraph.

Interesting how half the posts have the same grammatical and spelling errors that plague The Southeast Texas Political Review.......

CORRUPTION HIDING JUDGE: Don't you think the Hatch Act violations investigator will hash all that out? Then again, maybe not.

Have a Great Weekend. We will post post the posted posting that is posted on Sunday.

Sam t. Eagle, editor.