Right when you think that things could not get worse in Jefferson County, Texas - here we go again. This time ANOTHER COVER UP that has the rank and file of the Jefferson County Law Enforcement furious and has us shaking our heads.

The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned of the cover up that was covered up and hidden and covered up by law enforcement officers and high ranking politicos regarding the release of information from......yes......you guessed it. The District Attorney.

"He covered it up." Said a high ranking source that wouldn't talk to us.

The Review filed a PGUSSSWCMSU (Please Give Us Some Stuff So We Can Make Shit Up) and you'll never guess what we discovered.

Documents showing proof of the cover up:

"I was shocked" Said a Beaumont police officer that was getting his oil changed on Nederland Avenue in a Beaumont patrol car. "Mr. Philip r. Klein, editor was right all the time."

Or take?

We say it around here at the Review all the time. Its never the cover up but what you can make up that matters.