The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned this morning that investigators are investigating allegations of corruption surrounding this past weekend's soapbox derby on the Maury Meyers bridge in Beaumont.

"There have been some allegations of corruption and we are investigating." Said an anonymous source that will call the Review tomorrow.

The Eighth Annual Soapbox Derby has been held annually every year for eight years and pits children ages eight to seventeen racing homemade cars down the Maury Meyers bridge.

"It's really fun." Said Little Johnny Danforth, a five time winner and this years under fourteen champ. "My car is named Sting."

This years competition was interrupted Saturday when one of the parents protested the addition of contestant Philip r. Klein, editor, in the U10 category.

"I don't think a fifty year old man should be racing against kids." Said an anonymous parent who didn't attend the race.

Klein (who we don't like), a local private investigator and editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review showed up Saturday morning demanding to enter the competition.

"Thes ez pubik preprty end Ey went 2 rece mi cer." Klein told reporters.

Race officials at first denied his application but then reconsidered when Philip sued them all in Small Claims Court.

"We really didn't have a choice." Said an anonymous official who was not a part of the proceeding. "Klein's sued me seventeen times and I can't afford a lawyer."

After a quick phone call to the National Soapbox Derby office, it was determined that Philip would be allowed to enter the competition. Unfortunately, Klein, who's breath reeked of cheap whiskey, crashed his racer into the guardrail, breaking one of the casters and skinning his knee. He has since sued himself for building a defective vehicle.

You bet we will watch this one!