Another week. Here we go...

GILLIAM: More personal agenda for Philip. Remember his lawsuit (the 33rd) just two years ago:

Keep in mind that there is a true relationship between the suit and the newest round of web sites that have come up on the net.

........Philip lies......

SPEAKING OF LAWSUITS: Did we say party on Sixth Street?

INTERESTING DEBATE: Philip takes another beating on Trog. Guess there won't be any invitations to the press ball again this year Philip:

Also - when you see our name - that is some dumb troll that thinks we post on Trog. We have in the past - and when we do we sign our name and put a watermark in the line that you cannot see.

.............Philip lies......

KLEIN MOVING? We heard all your neighbors are lining up to help you pack.

Working On -
Two huge stories. Some of you will simply not believe.

You're right Philip. We don't believe.

TROUBLE: We hear trouble coming for Philip. Something about the DPS and that nasty PI complaint button on the side of our site. Can't talk about it now though. Lawyer Morgan should have his work cut out for him.

NUMBERS: The Sam The Eagle Political Review is now the number four read political website in all of Botswana. Our numbers are up 10 to the 11th power since March 23rd and 4 to the 22nd power since January of 1876. For the truth, check out a newly updated WEBSITE OUTLOOK.


Hot off the backroom press is that Domingue may RUN FOR COUNTY JUDGE!

Philip Klein. May 12, 2008. Stolen from The Southeast Texas Political Review. Go ahead and sue Philip.

Have a Great Weekend

Sam T. Eagle, editor.