The Sam the Eagle Political Review has learned this morning that Philip r. Klein, editor of The Southeast Texas Political Review is involved in what is being described as an 'occurrence.'

Sources close to the happening - as well as one inside community source that works somewhere important have confirmed to the Review that Philip r. Klein, editor, is indeed involved.

"Philip is definitely involved." Said a caller to the Review late last night.

Another source told the Review that Philip was "neck deep in it."

"I will not say it involved sex." said our source at a place that might know what was going on.

Our attempts to contact Philip Klein were futile.

It is very important that the public understand that these are simply allegations by parties that seem to know what is going on.

Our take?

Well - we don't know. We hear what the people that know are saying. But we hear silence from Philip Klein - which is not unusual. However, Klein is making a huge mistake by not confirming or denying it. Others are confirming it - which is good. The public has a right to know if Philip Klein is involved. Equally it is important to post the end of it if nothing comes of it.

We all need to watch this one. This is very very serious.