In a breaking news story, the STE Political Review is reporting that the SET Political Review has heard that anonymous sources for the SET and STE Political Review (God I hate it when you do this) have told both the Review, the Review, insurance adjusters for GEICO and a group of wineheads that gathered underneath a railroad underpass, that undercover federal agents have been secretly investigated the Jefferson County District Clerk's Office looking for one of the most wanted fugitives in America, Corrup Shun.

"We are acting on a tip from a local citizen, code named GADLFY, who is assisting in the investigation." Said a spokesperson for the Federal Bureau of Looking at Stuff who talked to the Review over the weekend.

Wanted by local authorities in over thirty states, government law enforcement agents in Botswana, and four McDonald's playland monitors, Corrup Shun is one of the most sought after fugitives in the history of history though no one we talked to seemed to know anything bad he had done.

"I don't know a god damned thing, quit calling me asshole!" Said our source at the Federal Courthouse.

According to forty two callers who called the Review, Agent GADFLY observed Mr. Shun walk into the Jefferson County District Clerk's office and hide in a small metal cabinet underneath a copy machine.

The Review received a copy of a copy of a copy of a fax of a sworn statement from agent GADFLY specifically referencing the occurrence.

"Ha ez en tha cupi mechine. Ey seene hem git en thar. Ha wuz blu weth beg fathers."

Employees of the Jefferson County District Clerks Office are said to be cooperating with the investigation

Our take?

Just remember, you heard it here on the Sam the Eagle Political Review first!

Sam t. Eagle, editor