Jefferson County Politicos Attempt to Quiet Philip Klein!

In a breaking news story, the Review has learned that there is a secret movement among Jefferson County politicos to silence Philip Klein.

"They want Philip to shut up. He knows too much." said a source that didn't call the Review over the weekend.

Klein, iditor of The Southeast Texas Political Review has been a thorn in the side of Jefferson County politicos in recent months uncovering corruption in virtually all aspects of county government.

"He found some Hatch Act violations that we didn't think were Hatch Act violations and would have never thought were Hatch Act violations and really aren't Hatch Act violations." said a Hatch Act violation inspector that we didn't talk to late last night.

In response to Philip's relentless watchdogging of county politics, local politicos have contracted with New Orleans firm Quiet Systems, in a effort to stop Klein.

"Quiet Systems has a great deal of experience in dealing with these matters" said a spokesperson who wouldn't talk to us.

The Subphilip Keep Really Quiet Cause You Are A Lying Ass Bastard Containment System (SKRQCYAALABCS), will be deployed to help keep Philip Klein from revealing any sensitive county secrets:

A specially equipped ship will lower a large containment box on top of Philip Klein's head in a effort to stop the flow of misinformation that is spewing from his mouth.

"It is our hope that the crap that has already been released from Mr. Klein will not permanently contaminate the environment." said a Jefferson County politico who called the Review.

Out take?

Just another day in the most corrupt county in Jefferson County.