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WHAT HAPPENED: What about the "Breaking News" from last Friday Philip?

...........Philip lies.................

READERSHIP: Up how many percent? Here's a quote from last year:

So poof - this little web site showed up. It started back in 1994 and hit the net in 1996. The first year? We had about 3,000 page views. By 2006 we hit 400,000 page views. Today - as of this morning - we hit just over 1,200,000 page views and it is only April.

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550 days: Since Philip Klein announced he had discovered the identity of Sam the Eagle

STEVENS: Not going to get the appointment.

According to our sources in two senate offices, Judge John Stevens is the front runner to be appointed to the post of US Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. Stevens, who everyone regards as one of the nicest, professional and honest men to serve not only the legal community but the bench in Jefferson County - is set to achieve an opportunity that only a few have severed their country as a United States Attorney.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 4-24-2009

I think Philip meant "served" but that's neither here nor there. Lets not forget this one:

US Attorney Will Be Named No Later Than June 15, 2001

Bob Wortham
seems to be the front runner. Wortham was the US Attorney in the Bush administration for years.

"Bob is up there on the list. But there are others that we cannot discuss. We will make the announcement when we make it," our source tells us.

There is a dark horse from East Texas that we have been asked not to mention. He has not made a formal request to be considered, however, sources in the Justice Department tell us that there has been a stealth operation to bring his name up at all opportune times.

Lets just say he lives in Jasper County.

The Southeast Texas Political Review 4-8-2001

He really doesn't get many right does he?

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