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OUT OF CONTROL: Now Philip hates recycling too? Go crank up the 'hot tube' and fire up a Cuban.

EYEING A RATHER BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Free tickets to ZZ TOP for county employees? OOOPPPS, you heard it here on the STE Review first.

A SPECIAL MESSAGE: Philip Klein you are a racist. And you know it. You are not an editor you are an idiot. You sir are a racist. Did we say that you are a racist?


PAISD last week announced that it will be laying off teachers. In all, around 119 will get dumped to bring the budget back in line. Some, who were hired non certified to teach, can come back as openings are available. However, it will be a while before openings are available.

Well, guess what. It seems that the Board and it's legal Counsel did not look at the 45 day rule of layoffs, or, did not know about it.

Imagine That!

So according to the Texas State Teachers Association, they are gonna SUE!

One local member tell us : "We have already hired our legal team and we will sue their butts off.

An idiot then....an idiot still

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Sam t. Eagle editor