These are the Days of Our Lies.....

Sometimes around here at the Review we have to laugh, we really do.

Last Friday, Philip hinted at some big stuff coming this week:

Working On - Another bomb shell. So a guy goes and kicks in a front door of his girlfriends house. She and her new boyfriend are in the house. The guy beats the crap out of the girlfriend and the guy. The police are called. They arrive. They investigate. File felony charges against the door kicker and then.........................Stay tuned people. You are going to be floored next week. Simply floored.
Eyeing A Rather Big Announcement - Watch listen and learn kids. A very big political announcement is in the offing. When it hits - just repeat after yourself : "I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first. I heard it on the Review first." And yes - we told you so. Yes we did. A special message to those that tried to hide it - never ever try to hide crap from the public. Not only does it piss off the public - but believe it or not - there are still some honest souls in the Jefferson County Court House. Thank God.

Well, here we are, plugging into Tuesday and so far there's been nothing but regurgitation of snippets from the Beaumont Enterprise and KBTV.

Our take?

.......................Philip lies......................