Screwed Up

You know. Even sometimes we here at the Sam the Eagle Political Review think there is hope for Philip r. Klein. But then reality hits - we get it. There is no hope any longer for Philip r. Klein as he continues his march towards being one of the biggest idiots in the State of Texas.

So let's go on a tour of examples that we are talking about?

Law Enforcement / Safety: Setting aside the false portrayal of himself as an FBI agent and threatening people with a gun to accept subpoenas, Philip is not a cop. A cop wannabe yes, but that would require attending and successfully completing courses in an institution of higher education. No, Philip desperately wants to be a part of the legal scene but short of harassing the family and friends of Patrick McDermott, he will never be more than a gumshoe reeking of cheap whiskey.

Government Silliness: Despite daily assertions that government is corrupt, racist, and that someone should stand up and do better, Philip sits on the sidelines and moans like a drunken armchair quarterback yelling at the shittiest team in the league. Philip has never run for office, never supported a candidate, and frankly does nothing but denigrate anyone that steps up to the plate and tries to make a difference. He does however benefit from what government has to offer. His signature has been on close to a million dollars in SBA loans and he has benefited from the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts more than once.

Employment: Oh, Philip has had plenty of jobs. But that didn't stop him from being held in contempt for not paying child support.

Taxation: An interesting point this time of year. Taxes have always been important to Philip. Especially when fighting over IRS deductions during the various divorce proceedings he has been involved in.

One Party Rule: Philip knows alot about being a party to something. With over thirty four lawsuits (and counting) to his name, the former head of CALA is in the running for hypocrite of the twenty first century.

Philip Klein is one screwed up guy.